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Re: [LUG] Commandeering X


On 21/01/14 12:01, Philip Hudson wrote:
> Given admin privileges, how can a remote user, connected into a
> debianoid (actually Mint Debian Edition) host with an ssh shell session,
> dismiss the locally displayed *dm greeter and start their own desktop
> session, effectively as if they had logged in locally using the greeter?

Is xdmcp the missing bit.

This is how the X terminals use to do it in 1993ish, and I believe gdm3
still supports it.

I use to use it a lot with HP-UX 9 or 10 era workstations, you could
even load balance resources over it and the like, but I've touched it
like once in the subsequent 18 years and any knowledge has long ago leaked.

I dare say it can be tunnelled over SSH if you like, might be easier to
make it work locally first.

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