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[LUG] Server status via phone call


Hi folks,

I've recently been playing around with Asterisk and after some issues with
a user e-mailing to say "The internet isn't working" for the Nth time it
made me think back to when I used to work in radio.

When I worked for a group of radio stations, each site would have a
Davicom MAC device which would monitor the station and report if it went
off air etc.  The device was a big of of tricks which connected to an
analogue phone line and if the station went off it would text the station
engineers and call a number (usually redirected to the oncall engineer) and
it would speak the issue (such as station off air) and prompt whoever
picked up the call to clear the error by pressing a number on the keypad.

I guess this is how some fire alarm systems work.

This got me thinking, would it be possible to do something similar on
Linux with Asterisk for server monitoring?

While it's easy enough to probably get the server to flag up an issue (or
have another monitoring server flag up issues) sometimes it would be nice
to have something more reliable than "the internet is down" calls from
users (who despite being asked nicely to give a bit more information they
never seem to... sods law it's always in busy periods too!).


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