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Re: [LUG] Cryptoparty workshop on February 1st at the Exeter Central Library


Ok found it


On 19/01/14 23:10, Paul Sutton wrote:
> Hi Trevor
> What is the url of the website ? please :-
> Google comes up with
> http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/E-Space suggests this is the website but
> then clicking on the link in the text gives a word press page
> with
> "Apologies, but no results were found for the requested archive. Perhaps
> searching will help find a related post.."
> Paul
> On 19/01/14 23:01, Trevor Sharp wrote:
>> Now I know this is not a pure Linux item, or even Raspberry Pi-ish,
>> but the Exeter Hackspace group, E-Space, are an interesting bunch and
>> there are obvious cross-overs.
>> So I thought I would pass on details of their next meeting, the second
>> E-Space workshop is on February 1st, 10AM, Exeter Library.
>> The event is open to all, and is intended to provide a basic practical
>> introduction to cryptography. We'll be looking at PGP, XMPP/OTR,
>> XMPP/Jingle/zRTP, AES for storing and sending files in a safe manner,
>> tunneling over Tor and SSH and everything that they think you'll find
>> useful.
>> They regularly run pub nights every Friday. Basically, a chance to be
>> social with other hackers and share ideas, in lieu of having an open
>> space. They love to see stuff being demo'd, whether it's a cool
>> software, interesting research or fun hardware. There's free wifi,
>> which comes in very handy when you suddenly need to know exactly how a
>> protocol works. The Farmers Union (Next to the clock tower, on Queen
>> Street) are really cool about us being there, and have not minded
>> people pulling apart braille laptops on the table, messing around with
>> RFID gear, working on Arduino projects.. and I think someone once
>> brought in a microcopter? As long as you're not doing anything
>> illegal, disruptive or using tools other than a screwdriver (and we
>> keep buying food and drink) they're cool.
>> Run every Friday, from 6PM through to usually about 8, though
>> sometimes longer if there's a bunch of people, or shorter if no-one
>> turns up.
>> Following the ServerHacking workshop, they've done a rebrand of all of
>> the online materials to match. Now @e_spaceproject on Twitter,
>> e-spaceproject on google groups, and a wiki at
>> http://e-space.wikia.com. Most usefully an up to date website at
>> http://espaceproject.org.uk, which also serves copies of the notes and
>> presentations from our workshops.
>> They're looking forward to the Exeter Library 'Fab Lab' hackerspace,
>> especially since it looks like they'll be able to hire it for more
>> hardware-oriented workshops. In the meantime, come to the Cryptoparty
>> workshop on February 1st, bring anyone you know who could benefit from
>> learning more about encryption, who you'd like to be able to swap
>> encrypted data with or who you think might have fun! All ages welcome,
>> it's a public event which won't cost you a penny - though you'll need
>> a laptop and some other stuff - details on our website!




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