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[LUG] Cryptoparty workshop on February 1st at the Exeter Central Library


Now I know this is not a pure Linux item, or even Raspberry Pi-ish, but the Exeter Hackspace group, E-Space, are an interesting bunch and there are obvious cross-overs.

So I thought I would pass on details of their next meeting, the second E-Space workshop is on February 1st, 10AM, Exeter Library.

The event is open to all, and is intended to provide a basic practical introduction to cryptography. We'll be looking at PGP, XMPP/OTR, XMPP/Jingle/zRTP, AES for storing and sending files in a safe manner, tunneling over Tor and SSH and everything that they think you'll find useful.

They regularly run pub nights every Friday. Basically, a chance to be social with other hackers and share ideas, in lieu of having an open space. They love to see stuff being demo'd, whether it's a cool software, interesting research or fun hardware. There's free wifi, which comes in very handy when you suddenly need to know exactly how a protocol works. The Farmers Union (Next to the clock tower, on Queen Street) are really cool about us being there, and have not minded people pulling apart braille laptops on the table, messing around with RFID gear, working on Arduino projects.. and I think someone once brought in a microcopter? As long as you're not doing anything illegal, disruptive or using tools other than a screwdriver (and we keep buying food and drink) they're cool.

Run every Friday, from 6PM through to usually about 8, though sometimes longer if there's a bunch of people, or shorter if no-one turns up.

Following the ServerHacking workshop, they've done a rebrand of all of the online materials to match. Now @e_spaceproject on Twitter, e-spaceproject on google groups, and a wiki at http://e-space.wikia.com. Most usefully an up to date website at http://espaceproject.org.uk, which also serves copies of the notes and presentations from our workshops.

They're looking forward to the Exeter Library 'Fab Lab' hackerspace, especially since it looks like they'll be able to hire it for more hardware-oriented workshops. In the meantime, come to the Cryptoparty workshop on February 1st, bring anyone you know who could benefit from learning more about encryption, who you'd like to be able to swap encrypted data with or who you think might have fun! All ages welcome, it's a public event which won't cost you a penny - though you'll need a laptop and some other stuff - details on our website!


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