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Re: [LUG] MAC address on Android


On 14 Jan 2014, at 12:58, Philip Hudson <phil.hudson@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I'm not clear on just how well, if at all, IPv6 will resolve these issues. Anyone 
> care to opine? Is there hope?

There is always hope. 

IPv6 has an autoconfiguration RFC.

The problem is as always replacing standing infrastructure. 

There really is little motivation to migrate to IPv6. 

It offers marginal benefits for new deployments, totally outweighed in the business 
world by the cost of finding someone who knows how to do it.

Presumably at some point enough people may learn IPv6, and it will become cheaper to 
deploy IPv6 than IPv4 for new deployments.

However there is little motivation to put services on IPv6, because they will be 
closed to the majority of the network.

Thus I predict even as IP address space is exhausted, uptake of IPv6 will be slow to 
minimal, mostly confined to niche areas, such as large mostly private networks, 
perhaps some secure or military applications. There is little sign of any "pull" (a 
mechanism to make IPv6 preferable), indeed I would suggest we are embedding IPv4 
even deeper into many households with devices which can't handle IPv6, or are 
under-tested with IPv6.

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