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Re: [LUG] MAC address on Android


On 14 January 2014 09:25, Tom <madtom1999@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
And you cant see the downside of that at all?

Actually, I can. You see, I've not only used this stuff, I've administered this stuff. A lot. Didn't say there was no downside, but I do say that for both the user and the administrator there is no comparison in terms of getting rid of utterly unproductive, unnecessary, annoying, distracting, special-knowledge network configuration tasks that are utterly opaque and unusable to naive, low-skilled users and that require a highly paid specialist to understand and resolve. (Could *that* be the real appeal of DHCP?) It's the difference between designing a system that can fail *in ordinary usage* and one that can't. Like designing a system that can have either sound or graphics or both either working or not working and still be considered unbroken, and one that either has them both working or is broken.

So, yes, NBP's downsides exist. I'll let you have a go at listing what you've spotted and I'll tell you if you miss anything. But DHCP is still *rubbish* tech.

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