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Re: [LUG] MAC address on Android


On 13/01/14 17:47, bad apple wrote:
On 13/01/14 16:53, Grant Phillips-Sewell wrote:
My laptop (HP G6092ea) gets a new Ethernet MAC address every time it
reboots because the nVidia enforce chip reports the actual MAC address
incorrectly so the 'driver' doesn't know what to do with it and therefore
creates a new MAC address. It is very frustrating.

Back in ye olde days, we used to set macchanger to run at boot out of
/etc/init and randomly regenerate the MAC just to mess with each other,
as it would break DHCP leasing, VLAN assignation, etc... I had no idea
that these days it's apparently acceptable for real world hardware to do
it normally. That's pretty shocking. Android and Windows smartphones and
now a laptop all reported here as exhibiting reboot with a new random MAC.

In big shops the MAC is normally used as an asset tracking number and
fed into databases in large swathes so we can then use them for managing
the workstations subsequently: remote installs, updates, DHCP and VLAN
designations, the lot. A random MAC at every start would bring
everything to a screeching halt at any one of those enterprises.

Today I have learnt something new it seems. Apart from manually
faking/changing it, I have never seen a hardware MAC address change
otherwise in all my working years (except in weird cases like the PROM
battery wearing out on certain early SGI/Sun systems and resetting the
MAC to a default value). I would certainly regard anything showing that
behaviour as faulty, and would return it though.


Agreed to all points. With my network being MAC filtered it was a real pain for the old WP7 handset to keep changing its MAC and the forums were full of complaints about it. A subsequent update fixed it but in the meantime it was a menace.


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