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Re: [LUG] VDSL Router


On 09/01/14 07:47, Tremayne, Steve wrote:
I do not have the specific model which Rob mentions, but I use Draytek
at every opportunity, so I would have searched, found that model and
purchased it without stopping to think J

A while ago, I setup a system which needed 2x ADSL lines, so we used a
single ADSL router and an additional ADSL modem for the second line –
this appears as a PPPoE device, basically converting VDSL to TCP/IP, but
with none of the “router” functionality (DNS, DHCP, etc)

This is what the BT device appears to be – just a modem.

Some other interesting (background) info I found this morning:


So, if your current router is ok, then the modem might just connect
straight in to your existing router…? (You don’t say what you’re
currently running)

You must have the correct type of router. that is VDSL not ADSL. My current router (Netgear, DG834G) is ADSL only so will not work.


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