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Re: [LUG] Google removes Cyanogenmod Installer from their App Store


On 29/11/2013 09:41, Julian Hall wrote:

'Web giant claims app encourages users to void their warranty.

Google has kicked the open source CyanogenMod Installer out of its Play
Store after claiming the app was in violation of its developer terms.'

Missing the obvious point, I think, that those able to use Cyanogenmod
also have the technical ability to find it elsewhere and install it
manually from an APK, thus making the whole exercise pointless.

I read on The Register that one of the reasons was that it could technically void phone warranties. Not sure if that would stand up in court replacing the software on a device, but someone else commented that they knew someone who installed Cyanogenmod on a Samsung phone using this installer because they'd read about it on a tech site and didn't like it but couldn't return to the stock Samsung firmware.

I think that might be part of the issue, non-technical users trying it, finding they don't like it and not knowing how to flash their devices with the original firmware.

I guess if you're going to sideload it then you're more likely to have an idea of what you're doing, or at least you're prepared for the risk of things going wrong (okay I know, isn't always the case, there's always going to be one person who screws something up and fire off a lawsuit).


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