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Re: [LUG] ghostery


On 23/11/2013 14:00, Gordon Henderson wrote:
> On Sat, 23 Nov 2013, Tom wrote:
>> Anybody use ghostery or other tracking blocker? Just wondering how
>> effective/damaging it can be?
> I've been using Ghostery for a long time now. Not sure just how
> effective it is, but when it tells me it's blocked 15 trackers on a
> site, then I have to wonder just how slow that site would have been had
> I not been using it...
> I also use flashblock and adblock+
> I occasionally get issues with flashblock, so some sites are whitelisted
> (e.g. bbc.co.uk and youtube) vimeo used to be an issue, seems less-so now.
> And some sites can tell when you're using adblock+ and whinge.
> However I don't seem to be missing anything much.
> If you want to really scare yourself, install collusion too...
> Gordon

I have used Ghostery for a long time. It combined with Ad Block and
NoScript are used on Firefox and Google  Browsers.
Ghostery has on one site shown up about 12 to 13 trackers.
Many different ones on different sites. There appear to be a be 30 or so
commercial trackers much sold to websites.
I routinely block all trackers except those necessary to operate forward
links as on Bank sites.
I have found it most effective.

Eion MacDonald

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