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Re: [LUG] Fwd: FTTC - follow up


On 19/11/13 14:55, Neil Winchurst wrote:
On 19/11/13 13:57, Rob Beard wrote:

I'm pretty sure the thing that Gordon uses isn't an iPlate, but it does
the same job.

We've got a couple on various sites.  Depending on how you wire them
depends on if you need filters or not.

If you look at the picture on the site at the back of the faceplate, it
has two outputs, a blue one which still has the ADSL signal (so any
phones connected to that need filters) and a white connector which just
does phones (i.e. the ADSL signal is filtered out).

If your connections are daisy chained and you connect it to the phone
connection on the back non of the extensions will have an ADSL signal
(you'll have to move your router to the main socket or run a separate
extension wired to the ADSL connection on the back of the box). If you
connect the extensions to the ADSL connection on the back of the box
you'll need to filter each socket still.

However if all your extensions all connect back to the master socket you
might get away with connecting the majority to the filtered connection
and then just the one for your router to the ADSL connection.

I can't say in experience I've seen any improvement with one of these
filters, but they are much neater than hanging filters off sockets :-)

The iPlate itself is available here:


It does require the use of filters on each extension still.


Well, even more information! I don't mind using the filters. Our phone sockets are all pretty well hidden away so they are not seen. From what you say I either have to work out how to go fully to FTTC or just not bother.

Since I get pretty good speeds already, and thinking about how I use the computer, I am not sure that I would get much advantage from the extra speeds. And it would be quite expensive, eg I would have to replace my router and somehow get a new cat-5 cable from the entrance up to the bedroom. Plus the cost of the BT engineer.

Staying put is for the best I think. I have found all this useful and interesting though. I hope it has been of some help to others too,


I'm on a 60Mb Virginmedia cable connection, and the only time I really notice the difference is in large downloads, e.g. the latest Mint 16 ISO of 1.8Gb took 12 minutes, but other than that I'm not sure I really need the speed albeit it's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it :) On the whole though I think a balance of speed v reliability is best. Great speed is no good if the connection is up and down like Zebedee on a trampoline :) [1]


[1] Yes I know.. showing my age! :)

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