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[LUG] New Computing Curriculum and Torbay Pi Jam


Hi folks,

I had an interesting chat with my daughter's IT teacher this evening at
her parents evening.  I briefly mentioned that I'm a techie so I think he
was quite relieved that he didn't have to dumb down things for me.

We briefly discussed the new IT curriculum which sounds quite interesting,
so far my daughter is learning a little bit about the insides of computers
and how they work, and I was told that if my daughter does anything outside
of school that if she gives evidence of it (videos, pictures, write ups
etc) it can be used towards her grade.  She's also going to be learning
some programming next year too.

It was really refreshing to hear that the kids are going to be learning
more than the usual 'here's how to use an Office suite', and even though I
don't think she'll peruse a career in IT she might be able to use some of
the skills she's learnt in a future career.  She's very arty and into music
so I've told her that she can have a play around with some of the free
software out there for graphics and music.  I'm thinking Gimp, Inkscape and
Blender for graphics maybe following some guides on the net and playing
around with some of the resources from the Blender projects, and well...
not sure about the music side, she's currently learning the drums so I
guess that drum program would be a good start :-)

I also mentioned to her teacher about the Raspberry Pi Jam, he sounded
really interested and it turns out his wife works at Paignton Library, so
fingers crossed he'll be able to make it along for the Pi Jam and take away
some ideas to inspire the kids).


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