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Re: [LUG] Powering Raspberry Pi from DC PSU?


On Tue, 12 Nov 2013 14:00:56 +0000
Rob Beard <rob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Rob,

>that either have a DC plug on one end and connections for the GPIO pins 
>on the other end or a DC plug on one end and a MicroUSB plug on the

Power to microUSB /seems/ to be unique to the Pi.  So far, I've not been
able to locate a power to ÂUSB cable, only power to USB.  As for
connection to the GPIO pins, any 26Way Molex type connector would
suffice.  One caveat though;  I've not seen a Pi, so have no idea
whether the PCB tracks to/from the GPIO connector have a sufficient CSA
to supply the current required by the Pi.

Whatever way you choose to power the Pi using PoE technology it looks as
though you'll have to make, or get made, a custom power lead.
Alternatively, you could use a Power-USB lead and a USB to ÂUSB
adaptor.  Of course, that introduces additional failure points due to
the additional connectors required.

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