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Re: [LUG] Android NFS and or Samba


On 06/11/13 12:43, Rob Beard wrote:

On 06/11/2013 12:17, Tom wrote:
Just thinking of getting a Nexus5 and, while I don't expect to use the full 32G for a while I was wondering about external wireless storage - NFS or Samba. A quick google has not revealed anything useful about NFS.
Just wondering if anyone's played??
Though I may wait till I've got linux on it.
Tom te tom te tom

I use ESS File Explorer on my Android phone and tablet, works pretty well and supports SFTP and Samba, not sure about NFS. If you root the device you'd have a bit more control over it and I'm guessing could mount NFS that way.


I'm hoping to be able to do this ubuntu phone thing where it leaves Android on so you can have a thicko phone or plug it into a monitor and keyboard and go full Linux - though I'm hoping I can run it Linux as a touch device so I can do musescore and AMS and stuff though its all a bit hard to get info unless youre a vendor.
Tom te tom te tom

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