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Re: [LUG] Pi for kids


On 06/11/13 12:37, Rob Beard wrote:
> On 06/11/2013 12:21, Philip Hudson wrote:
>> My son got a Raspberry Pi for his 10th birthday today. Anyone got any Pi
>> tips, tricks, hints, pointers, tutorials, or projects specifically for
>> kids that they'd like to recommend? TIA
>> -- 
>> Phil Hudson http://hudson-it.no-ip.biz
>> @UWascalWabbit                 PGP/GnuPG ID: 0x887DCA63
> Obvious thing I can think of is installing Scratch and maybe having a
> play with that, there's loads of documentation and tutorials out there
> and I gather from speaking to others with kids that it's quite popular
> (heck what am I saying, I had a whole lot of fun with it too once I
> got into it :-D).
> Rob
Scratch is on the pi by default and my latest update (see other
messages) pulled in not only what seems to be general pi face support
but scratch pi face support too,  i don't have a pi face so maybe
someone that does,  can investigate and report back.

Have a look at the python games,  one tip if wormy is too fast,  look at
the source code for FPS = 25 and make that number lower,  and the game
slows down,   i did this at the last exeter pi jam.  Armed with this,
perhaps look at the code together and do this.   

Talk to gordon about installing his BASIC too,  if you're more used to
BASIC it is a good way to learn and you're not trying to fight with
python insisting that you have things like : ; and other blocks in
exactly the right format.





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