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Re: [LUG] Updating Thunderbird..


On 06/11/13 09:40, Martin Gautier wrote:

On 06/11/13 08:53, Tom wrote:

I've been trying to mend the lightning update on a couple of thunderbird installations. I've got the lates xpi file but the main update server is not working so I cant actually get thunderbird to load the latest xpi - as the addon page fails to load there is no update button!!!!!!!
Any tips?
on how to fix this not recommendations of pine or downgrades....
Tom te tom te tom


I'm not sure how relevant this is but I encountered similar problem recently using stock Ubuntu with it's Thunderbird package. Upgrading to v24.0 caused Lightning v2.6.1 to fail. At that time TB 24.1 was available from Mozilla but not as an Ubuntu package.

There was a known issue running v24.0 with v2.6.1. I downloaded the latest Thunderbird directly from Mozilla and ran it in my ~/opt directory. I ran with that quite happily until Ubuntu caught up and I swapped back.

I've not checked but maybe the latest Lightning v2.6.2 fixed that particular regression bug.

With my particular setup, I use the Ubuntu repos for TB and all the add-ons are directly acquired from Mozilla. I don't use the Ubuntu Lightning package. If you are using the Ubuntu package for Lightning, it will be installed somewhere else on the drive and does not therefore allow you to update from within TB itself.

If it was me, I'd un-install the Lightning package and then install it directly from Mozilla Add-ons or via the xpi you have.


Martin - the problem I had was that the update site was not working so, even though I had the xpi, I couldnt get Tbird in a state to read in the xpi. Now the update site is working I have installed the update and now the calendar can nag me about things I'd completely lost interest in! Seems like a fundamental bug in TB so I'll report that!
Tom te tom te tom

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