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Re: [LUG] Raspberry PI cluster project


On 05/11/13 17:39, Gordon Henderson wrote:

> The "classic" parallel solver is for raytracing, or something like a
> fractal where you can use a SIMD type scenario - each node gets the same
> data, runs the same code, but is told which part of the data set to work
> on. This works well for data sets like images, etc. but not so well for
> things like calculating Pi - unless there is an algorithm that says:
> "Give me digits A to B of Pi" that's efficient...

Even if such an algorithm exists it sounds like it would be a horribly
complex piece of maths.

> And the physical wiring will be intersting but not difficult - a single
> 24-port Ethernet switch will do, and you'll need a big number of power
> sockets too.

There are two 24 port 10/100 and one 48 port 10/100 switches at the
Exwick Ark. A multiway USB "charger" might also be useful.

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