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Re: [LUG] Paignton LUG meeting


On 02/11/2013 21:54, Paul Sutton wrote:
A reminder of the monthly meeting In Paignton, usual place centre peace
from around 14:30,  November 9th

I can't make it due to rugby,  so I am not going to cancel the meeting,
as others may want to attend.  However could we have a show of hands
please, as this helps anyone going know if anyone else is going so
people are not on their own.

Matt (centre peace),  can you put the small TV for the PI somewhere, so
the lug members can use it if need be, please,  or let who ever is on
staff wise know where it is.

as always info on the meetings page http://dcglug.drogon.net/meetings/



I don't think I can make this one :-(


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