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Re: [LUG] FOSS in schools (Was: Free ipad to every student????)


On 27 Dec, 2010, at 5:03 pm, Paul Sutton wrote:

On 24/12/10 18:47, Eion MacDonald wrote:

On 24/12/10 17:26, Philip Hudson wrote:
to QuickBooks for them.

I actively promote FOSS. Mostly to small company start ups.
The BIG BIG (intentional capitals) problem is the lack of a FOSS
equivalent to QuickBooks (or Sage)  to do UK VAT properly.

does it have to be a FOSS program, ok ideally yes but if there is a program that does the job and you have to pay for it, then surely the saving on other software frees you up to buy packages, i know there is a accounts package for mac, windows and Linux i know pc world sell it as does the apple store,

perhaps this is a solution, if its uk based i guess it does UK VAT, if the barrier is the lack of software fine, but if the package is out there native then its worth looking at.,

What's it called?

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