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Re: [LUG] FOSS in schools (Was: Free ipad to every student????)


On 24/12/10 19:50, Philip Hudson wrote:
On 24 Dec, 2010, at 7:35 pm, Eion MacDonald wrote:

On 24/12/10 19:08, Philip Hudson wrote:
I'm not the user in question, but I guess he uses Calc's
save-as-Excel-format, or perhaps some delimited-text format.


QuickBooks can only "export to an actual MS Excel program" installed on
same machine. It cannot 'save' an MS Excel of other spreadsheet format
file, it can only "open MS Excel" ( it calls MS Excel from QB internal
command , not a 'save to MS Excel' format command. ) and then import the
sheet and then you save from Excel.

I see, I hadn't appreciated that that was the situation. He must have
MSOffice installed as well as QB, I guess -- only to be expected.

So, Microsoft has arranged for QuickBooks not to do ordinary, basic
interoperability stuff. What a vicious anti-competitive ploy. I wonder
if Neelie Kroes is onto it? (I'm copying this to her secretariat)

Ahh it's probably lazyness on the part of the QB developers.


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