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Re: [LUG] External hard drives


On 20/12/10 09:34, Grant Sewell wrote:
On 20 Dec 2010 08:56, tom <tompotts@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:Â

On 19/12/10 18:50, bjorn grohmann wrote:
>> Talking of which - why are there no apps for reading ext3/4 etc on
>> windows????
> Ext2 FSD is an open source Linux ext2/ext3 file system driver for
> Windows systems. Being open source and actively developed is a good
> thing. Making it more desirable than ext2 IFS
> http://www.ext2fsd.com
> The Ext2fsd installer would need to be on a USB stick that was
> partitioned to a file system readable by windows say Fat32
> Regards Bjorn

Thanks for those - been looking for them for ages.
It still doesn't get around the window tax thou - even a teeny windows
partition would presumably cost whatever the windows tax is.

The Windows tax is only applicable if you have Windows. Merely having a small FAT32 partition with the installation files for ext2fsd would incur no charges.

You seem to be unaware that companies are paying MS for the 'privilege' of selling their items with Fat... partitions on them. Every preformatted USB stick you buy - see if you can find one that isn't - has an MS tax on it.
Tom Tom have to pay so their linux satnav can talk to windows.
Tom te tom te tom

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