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Re: [LUG] External hard drives


On 19/12/10 18:50, bjorn grohmann wrote:
Talking of which - why are there no apps for reading ext3/4 etc on
Ext2 FSD is an open source Linux ext2/ext3 file system driver for
Windows systems. Being open source and actively developed is a good
thing. Making it more desirable than ext2 IFS


The Ext2fsd installer would need to be on a USB stick that was
partitioned to a file system readable by windows say Fat32

Regards Bjorn

Thanks for those - been looking for them for ages.
It still doesn't get around the window tax thou - even a teeny windows partition would presumably cost whatever the windows tax is.

Does anyone know of a NFS driver for windows? With LDAP and NFS/SMB/ I guess an SME could easily save a few £K by ditching windows servers completely.
Tom te tom te tom

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