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Re: [LUG] External hard drives


On 19/12/10 21:56, bjorn grohmann wrote:
> Personally I favour Grant's suggestion of having a large EXT2/3
> formatted external hard-drive partition for the backup data, with a
> smaller universally accessible partition (say Fat32) which contains
> the file access tools needed by Windows and MAC.
> Bjorn
> "He who laughs last probably made a backup"

1. I like the sign off line! From experience in 2003 I appreciate that!
2. I use USB back up discs* pre-formatted for two Windows laptops. Linux
is to a USB caddy and old hard disc with FAT 32
*These are ADAPTA splash proof 320GB discs.  3 year use no problems.
Both use NTFS filing system to allow large size Win docs.
Readable with a USB stick Knoppix on USB bootable computers
Eion MacDonald

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