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Re: [LUG] Coping with the cold & snow?


On 19/12/10 12:41, Gordon Henderson wrote:
On Sun, 19 Dec 2010, tom wrote:

Woods meant to warm twice not 3 times!

Er, it's 3 times in my book - once collecting, once cutting/chopping and once burning...

However the collecting mechanism/places we've employed in the past are fast dwindling (no forrestry commission permit this year )-: Might actually have to *buy* some for next year. Maybe even this year, depending on how things go - I do have most of a eucalyptus tree ready for cutting & splitting, but it's only been down for 6 months and I suspect burning it this season might not be a good thing...


Check out the eucalyptus carefully - some of these gum trees will gum your chimney up quite fast. Not too bad if you have a proper chimney but these pipettes they put on 'log burners' these days...
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