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[LUG] computer for displaying information on a tv


i need to set up a old p2 computer to display information on a tv at the rugby club, i am guessing there may be a few issues

1. how do you get round it needing a keyboard, as the bios will simply complain there is no keyboard attached

2. what is the best way to do this

i guess x + iphompress would do the job, and allow both photos and text to be displayed however this seems rather overkill.

i could use LaTeX and beamer but not sure if pdf can be set up to display as a slideshow, which is what is essentially requied, i could in theory do this without X as i have a simple pdf display utility in the shell (bash)

hardware wise i guess i just need to hook up to tv via a vga cable
again doing this as cheap as possible so it will probably be hacked together,

ideally also if it shuts down properly set up a cron job to switch off automatically at night, or do things at a set time,

the main issue is the very low spec of the system being used, however it runs xubuntu ok, but if i put in a different distribution that still allows open office (unless the koffice presentation package) will do it. or an alternative can be found.

anyone got experience of this, needs to be pretty simple

oh perhaps also have openssh server on there so i can update it via a wireless card i guess I can set it up so its a simple case of using ssh or scp to upload new information from my netbook at the club

what i want to display


any ideas welcome, esp with regard to low spec distributions.


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