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Re: [LUG] Broadband via satellite


On 29/07/10 10:56, Neil Winchurst wrote:
Recently there has been much activity on the list about broadband in this country. Rural areas seem to have the most problems. Now I don't know much about it, but I am wondering what is the current situation re satellite broadband?

It would seem to me to be one solution for people who are a long way from any exchange etc. But then, what do I know.

I would be interested to hear any comments from list members.

In an earlier post I said the only solution would be a set of high level balloons (think Zeppelins) providing a wireless grid over the country. At 10 miles up (rather than the 22,000 for geostationary satellite) the latency would be acceptable - about the same as I get at 6 miles from the exchange. One worry is radiation problems - it looks like phones give you tinnitus and the first real survey of phone use medical effects has only just started collecting recruits. I do wonder whether line of sight (and maybe a few reflectors) wifi might work. It would be interesting to see how the Bristol group did with there setup and the Eden Valley project in the lakes all seem to have done amazing things and may have actually contributed to speeding up BB implementation - as I see it the only way to get BT off its fat ass* is to actually help implement community solutions using FLOSS. What you need tho is a business that can afford to 'buy' some more bandwidth than it needs and then sell of the rest on a 'nowhere near as reliable as you'd like) or persuade your local school ( I think my daughters primary has 8Meg bidirectional which it would never fill) to share out. Its technically possible - a legal nightmare and would require the kind of Dunkirk spirit we havent seen since - well Dunkirk!
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