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Re: [LUG] GNOME file managers


On Thu, 22 Jul 2010, Gibbs wrote:

I'm using Ubuntu at work and was wondering if anyone can recommend any decent file managers for GNOME. I really like Nautilus but not being able to read or change permissions in FTP (and constant niggles with timeouts etc - all of which are already reported) can be annoying to say the least. I work with websites 90% of the time so FTP is crucial and although I have FTP clients installed I really want to find something integrated in a file manager.

There's also this new-fangled thing called the "command line". You run it in a terminal and rather than point,click,drag and drop, you type commands into it. They're short commands so you don't need to do much in the way of typing - such as 'ls' to list your files, 'ftp' to access the file transfer program, 'mv' to move or rename a file, and so on...



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