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Re: [LUG] GNOME file managers


On 22/07/10 13:43, Simon Waters wrote:
On 22/07/10 12:13, Gibbs wrote:
  I'm using Ubuntu at work and was wondering if anyone can recommend any
decent file managers for GNOME. I really like Nautilus but not being
able to read or change permissions in FTP (and constant niggles with
timeouts etc - all of which are already reported) can be annoying to say
the least. I work with websites 90% of the time so FTP is crucial and
although I have FTP clients installed I really want to find something
integrated in a file manager.
How hard can it be to fix thought Simon.


Seems the basic problem is they rewrote nautilus to use gvfs, but didn't
finish the job. So it broke in GNOME 2.22

Looks like all it needs is a parser for the permissions, doesn't sound
that hard a job - the code in libgnome-vfs wasn't very complex - I
wonder what they have done to make it "non trivial".

gftp is a clone of wsftp - looks like the tool for lots of FTP web work
under GNOME.


That would be awesome. I did take a look at the source, make some changes and compiled it but I'm not well versed in C (or programming in general) to maintain or commit to something.

Cheers everyone, I've got midnight commander and Konqueror rolling now both working fine.


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