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Re: [LUG] 4TB of Disks ...


On 19/07/10 14:51, Gordon Henderson wrote:

Just had 2 x 2TB drives delivered plus 2 SATA 2 cables.

The lot under £200 too.

Unimaginable a few years ago. The last time I built a server with that
capacity (these will be mirrored, so only 2TB storage) required 6 x
500GB drives (RAID-6) and cost an absolute fortune.

Now to build them up... And wait days and days for the soaktests to


Sounds good. I had an e-mail through earlier about 1TB drives, 30 quid + VAT. I am tempted I must admit, but I tend to have a lot of 'junk' on my server as it is so I think I'd probably be better off just sorting out what I have.


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