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Re: [LUG] More on the NHS & MS - How to Delete Office...


On 16/07/10 15:51, Kai Hendry wrote:
Argh, please don't promote OO. Use the Web / Wikis.

OO is an absolute disaster.

So you're saying* if I want to write a letter to buy Auntie Mable (this is an example, I don't think I have an Auntie Mable, at least not AFAIK) then I could be writing the letter and making it available as a wiki for her rather than writing something up on the OOo Writer, printing it and sending it to her?

(If anyone is wondering, my handwriting at best looks a bit like a scrawl).

What about those times when I want to write an official letter of complaint? Bung it on a wiki/web page and send a piece of paper with the URL to who I'm complaining to?

I wouldn't say OO is a complete disaster, far from it, I'd say it's a reasonable alternative to the bloated expensive Microsoft offerings.


* This is working on the assumption that where you say OO you mean OpenOffice.org?

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