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Re: [LUG] Impressive Video from the Gulf ...


On 16/07/10 12:18, Gordon Henderson wrote:

Just seen this:


BP are providing a live video feed from their ROVs a mile underwater in the middle of the gulf - that page shows all cameras at the same time, you can click on individuals.

Just viewing that page needs about 1- 1.5Mb/sec of streaming feed - so they must be uploading that via satellite, then into the Akamai CDN then to the punters at the end of the interwebs...

It makes the effort of the live feed from the Skylla seem feeble by comparison... (did that ever work?)


Just goes to prove Parkinsons law for BB - doesn't matter how much you have some idiot will find a way to fill it with very little information. I can be bothered to check whats going on but one of the ROV streams filled my 512k and basically gave me a 20 pixel wide clock on a seemingly unchanging blur.
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