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Re: [LUG] Impressive Video from the Gulf ...


On Fri, Jul 16, 2010 at 12:18:37PM +0100, Gordon Henderson wrote:
> Just seen this:
>   http://www.bp.com/liveROVFeed
> BP are providing a live video feed from their ROVs a mile underwater
> in the middle of the gulf - that page shows all cameras at the same
> time, you can click on individuals.
> Just viewing that page needs about 1- 1.5Mb/sec of streaming feed -
> so they must be uploading that via satellite, then into the Akamai
> CDN then to the punters at the end of the interwebs...
> It makes the effort of the live feed from the Skylla seem feeble by
> comparison... (did that ever work?)

Question: Did the cost

1) come out of the $20bn compensation fund that BP have guaranteed
2) come out of $2bn (I think that was the latest figure or is $3bn) damages
3) Was it part of the running costs: I remember that BP tried to cut it off
   and were told that they had to keep the feed running

Total Buncefield fines were £5.6m.

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