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Re: [LUG] NHS - MS Licensing costs spiral ...


On 15/07/10 12:11, Gordon Henderson wrote:
> So they've come to the end of their 9-year special deal which helped
> earn Billy Goats a knighthood...

Should our government be handing out titles to foreigners in the first
place? (Especially foreigners who would have to renounce their own
citizenship in order to, legally, accept them)
> Now they may have to pay the full whack or do some serious
> re-negotiating it seems, as by now they're too deeply in the depths of
> Microsoft to make a change... Or are they? Who knows, but if only they'd

In many cases such "deals" simply involve going from very expensive to
moderately expensive.

> stuck to their guns 9 years ago. Corwards.
> One intersting quote:
>   "Our source said the only alternative - a move to open source software -
>   was unlikely to overcome reluctance from staff to move to less familiar
>   systems."
> I'm sure a good team of programmers could make something look familiar
> if they really needed to...
> And anyway, what's wrong with change?

Anyway you'd get change by "sticking with Microsoft".

It isn't always obvious what changes people will complain about most.
Sometimes a major change can be more troublesome than a minor one.
Because in the latter case people become frustrated and confused when
they don't easily notice there has actually been a change until they
are part way through doing something they are familiar with.

An analogy would be a pianist expected to play a piano where the keys
had been rearranged vs asking them to play the bagpipes.

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