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Re: [LUG] holsworthy meeting


On 13/07/10 08:23, John Williams wrote:
> On Sun, 2010-07-11 at 17:34 +0100, Paul Sutton wrote:
>> Hi
>> Just wondered if there could be a show of hands for saturday please.
>> There will be myself and tom brough. (assuming no disasters crop up that
>> prevent us of course)  from South Devon.  Just wondered who else is
>> going it may help the North devon group plan where to sit etc.
> It will be myself and hopefully a (still a windows user) friend.
> I shall bring my usual assortment of gubbins, a netbook with linux
> pdf/mag things if someone wants them, ISO images of distributions, open
> office installers. Also my laptop I expect, as Neil was interested in a
> look as he was pondering a new one (must remember to change the
> wallpaper on that from a girls bottom!). Bring a USB stick if you want
> anything.
> If anyone wants something specific give me a poke, say some dist iso or
> whatever.
I have a few ubuntu cd's here if it helps,  Can leave those with you for
future meetings,

Don't forget with ubuntu you may want to download an iso of 10.04.1 at
the end of the month so you have the latest cd release with all patches
/ updates etc todate.


Next Paignton meeting - Saturday 7th August 2010 - 3pm Lighthouse, Paignton,
Next Holsworthy Meeting -  Saturday July 17th @ The White Hart, Holsworthy.

EVENTS @ THE LIGHTHOUSE, 26 Esplanade Road, Paignton
Friday 16th July Rockabilly night, from 6:30
Saturday 17 & Sunday 18th July Buskathon from 12:30 to 7
Saturday 18th Evening - Student Disco - 7 - 12 (ages 14+)
Monday 19th Don Broko (TBC) 8 - 12pm
Thursday 22nd Tea Party 2pm - 5pm
Saturday 31st Salsa Night 8pm - 12:30
please e-mail devonmusic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx for more details.


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