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Re: [LUG] Software Freedom Day (SFD) in the UK


On Fri, Jul 9, 2010 at 8:24 PM, Rob Beard <rob@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 09/07/10 20:00, Paul Sutton wrote:
>> On 09/07/10 11:08, Rob Beard wrote:
>>> Hi folks,
>>> I've just picked this up from the Free Software Manchester mailing
>>> list...
>>> I've replied to the Free Software Manchester list to say that we're
>>> hoping to have an event in Paignton this year all being well (this is
>>> something we really need to get cracking on!).  I'm not sure if we'll be
>>> able to get any assistance from the Federation of Free Software UK but
>>> if it's okay with everyone I'll drop them an e-mail explaining that
>>> we're looking at doing an event.
>>> Rob
>>> --------------------
>>> Having announced the "Federation of Free Software UK" (FFSUK)
>>> <http://www.ffsuk.org.uk/>, I now announce our first project, "Software
>>> Freedom Day (SFD) in the UK"<http://ffsuk.org.uk/sfd/>:
>>> Software Freedom Day (SFD) in the UK
>>> http://www.softwarefreedomday.org/
>>> Software Freedom Day (SFD) is an excellent annual opportunity to promote
>>> the Free Software philosophy. SFD is not widely know about in the UK,
>>> even among Free Software advocates! This needs to change. FFSUK is
>>> pushing to get events in all areas of the UK and to assist events in
>>> organising.
>>> Current likely SFD2010 event locations in the UK:
>>>     * Dundee
>>>     * Edinburgh
>>>     * Manchester - 2010/Europe/United Kingdom/Manchester
>>>     * Herefordshire
>>>     * Bracknell
>>> If there are any locations in the UK that are going to run a SFD2010
>>> event then please let us know at iwanttohelp at ffsuk dot org dot uk.
>>> Currently, the only location on the new SFD2010 wiki UK area is
>>> Manchester.
>>> FFSUK will focus on helping to start events in the following areas:
>>>     * Northern Ireland
>>>     * North East England
>>>     * East of England
>>>     * South West England
>>>     * London
>>> If you would like to help with starting an SFD2010 event in these areas
>>> then please contact us at iwanttohelp at ffsuk dot org dot uk.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Mike.
>> OK no problem, I need to get round to creating a team on the software
>> freedom day website,  just been too busy,
>> What we will need is lots of cd's or at least flyers and other stuff to
>> give away,  again WHEN I GET TIME will look in to making some.
>> Paul
> I did have a look at it, I registered for the site and tried to add Devon as
> a region but it wouldn't let me edit it.
> I've had an e-mail off list from one of the guys on the Manchester Free
> Software list who happens to live in Somerset, he said about asking if any
> of the Bristol Wireless folks could maybe loan us some kit and he also
> mentioned about promoting it on the Bath & Glastonbury LUG mailing lists.
>  If anything it might be a good opportunity to meet other members of the
> nearby LUGs.
> I think CDs are good to give away, I'll have to speak to Chris at Refresh
> Cartridges to see if he can donate any, I also know someone who does flyers
> (not sure how much he charges, otherwise we can probably print out own).  I
> think maybe as far as CDs (or DVDs) go, maybe have a few done ready and then
> burn off additional discs as and when they're needed.
> Rob
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I can help with some stuff. In terms of flyers/posters etc surely
someone has created these previously?

Roly :-)

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