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Re: [LUG] Software Freedom Day (SFD) in the UK


On 09/07/10 20:00, Paul Sutton wrote:
On 09/07/10 11:08, Rob Beard wrote:
Hi folks,

I've just picked this up from the Free Software Manchester mailing list...

I've replied to the Free Software Manchester list to say that we're
hoping to have an event in Paignton this year all being well (this is
something we really need to get cracking on!).  I'm not sure if we'll be
able to get any assistance from the Federation of Free Software UK but
if it's okay with everyone I'll drop them an e-mail explaining that
we're looking at doing an event.



Having announced the "Federation of Free Software UK" (FFSUK)
<http://www.ffsuk.org.uk/>, I now announce our first project, "Software
Freedom Day (SFD) in the UK"<http://ffsuk.org.uk/sfd/>:

Software Freedom Day (SFD) in the UK

Software Freedom Day (SFD) is an excellent annual opportunity to promote
the Free Software philosophy. SFD is not widely know about in the UK,
even among Free Software advocates! This needs to change. FFSUK is
pushing to get events in all areas of the UK and to assist events in
Current likely SFD2010 event locations in the UK:

     * Dundee
     * Edinburgh
     * Manchester - 2010/Europe/United Kingdom/Manchester
     * Herefordshire
     * Bracknell

If there are any locations in the UK that are going to run a SFD2010
event then please let us know at iwanttohelp at ffsuk dot org dot uk.

Currently, the only location on the new SFD2010 wiki UK area is Manchester.
FFSUK will focus on helping to start events in the following areas:

     * Northern Ireland
     * North East England
     * East of England
     * South West England
     * London

If you would like to help with starting an SFD2010 event in these areas
then please contact us at iwanttohelp at ffsuk dot org dot uk.


OK no problem, I need to get round to creating a team on the software
freedom day website,  just been too busy,

What we will need is lots of cd's or at least flyers and other stuff to
give away,  again WHEN I GET TIME will look in to making some.


I did have a look at it, I registered for the site and tried to add Devon as a region but it wouldn't let me edit it.

I've had an e-mail off list from one of the guys on the Manchester Free Software list who happens to live in Somerset, he said about asking if any of the Bristol Wireless folks could maybe loan us some kit and he also mentioned about promoting it on the Bath & Glastonbury LUG mailing lists. If anything it might be a good opportunity to meet other members of the nearby LUGs.

I think CDs are good to give away, I'll have to speak to Chris at Refresh Cartridges to see if he can donate any, I also know someone who does flyers (not sure how much he charges, otherwise we can probably print out own). I think maybe as far as CDs (or DVDs) go, maybe have a few done ready and then burn off additional discs as and when they're needed.


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