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[LUG] pfSense


Anyone out there with pfSense experience? I'm good at IPCop but I'm
having trouble getting inbound data on a red/green/orange config on a
pfSense box. An old IPCop box has broken and I've replaced it with a
natty little box with pfSense pre-installed - same cabling etc, just a
different box.

My set up is

internet -> router (DMZ pass-through and firewall disabled) []
-> [] "red" port on pfsense
web server []-> [] "orange" port on pfsense.
LAN []-> [] "green" port on pfsense.

Outbound on green and orange works fine. The pfsense webgui can be seen
from green and orange but not when connected to one of the router ports
(ie. trying to get in via "red").

With various fiddling it seems that the router is happily squirting
packets out of but they're either not arriving at
(unlikely, single cable, fully tested) or they are arriving at
and the pfsense box is throwing them away for some reason.

I "think" my pfsense NAT and firewall settings correct but there's
obviously something wrong somewhere....


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