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[LUG] TBird version 3


I recently installed version 3.1 of Thunderbird, but kept version just in case. I am writing this is version 2...

I have tried v3 for a while now. Any problems? Well, yes, there are two
so far.

1. I have threads switched on for two of the folders. In v2 they are
always there. In v3 I have to switch them off and then on each time I go
to one of the relevant folders. Otherwise they do not appear.

2. I have some message filters set up. In v2 they work fine. In v3 they
don't work. I have checked them and they are enabled. Even when I run
them manually they don't work. I went back to v2 and opened up the
account and the filters ran for me.

I also think that v3 is trying to be too clever. I have three accounts
set up but I use the same SMTP server on all of them. V3 keeps trying to
use the SMTP server for the particular account when I want to send an
email. I have marked the server I use as default.

Also when I want to set up a new account I would like to go straight to
manual setup. Instead I have to let TB try to find the relevant details
first, which it gets partly wrong, and only then can I choose to go to
the manual setup.

So, back to version 2 permanently,


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