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Re: [LUG] Meeting today


On 03/07/10 18:58, Paul Sutton wrote:

Thank you to everyone who made it today,  I think the meeting went well
despite having to move downstairs,  hopefully the wireless can be fixed
by next month.

Hopefully, I think they could do with putting a hole in to run a CAT5 cable from where there router is to the downstairs area (looks like the walls and floor are really thick).

quite a lot was discussed,  including toms presentation to adrian sanders.

Not to mention the food was good and really good value. I can recommend the omlettes.

next meeting will take place as follows Saturday 7th August 2010 - 3pm
Lighthouse, Paignton,

Wow, I keep forgetting it's getting so close to August.

The dclug website has been updated to reflect this,  the Holsworthy
details will need updating after the next meeting in 2 weeks.



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