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Re: [LUG] Asus eeePC


On 25/02/2008, John Hansen <whitover-1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Simon,
>  I am still unclear about how to file documents to my 4 gig SD card or 1
>  gig USB drive. Is there an easy way like in Windows XP where when I
>  "save as" get the option to save to an external drive?
>  John

just tested mine here with a USB flash drive.

plugging in the USB drive automounts it, and adds a symlink
for it to your home directory.

So I can select the 'USB disk' link in my home directory to
get to the USB drive when I 'save-as' in the applications file menu.

(all my stuff is in a 'data' dirctory in the drive, but I am
not sure if that was me or the Eee)

just remember to right-click on the USB icon on the task-bar
and select 'safely remove' when you have finished

best regards

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