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[LUG] Software patents fight restarts.


Posted by "Neil Williams" <linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Update Feb 2008 (Fosdem)

The old directive is dead but there are moves to dress it in new
clothes and launch the whole argument again. See

It's time to restart the fight and this time destroy not just the
directive but the entire idea of software patents in Europe - the last
resort of monopolists against free software and open standards.

All the info on the old directive is here:


Software patents being granted in EU on "what software can do" despite
not allowed on the software itself - this is a distinction that only
patent lawyers can perceive, the lack of any logic basis for the
"distinction" is irrelevant to their assumptions, it has the feel of
a matter of faith. 

EPO is still pushing for a US-style patent system that allows patents
on anything. Patents stifle innovation, the invention patented is
merely the patent itself. The inventor is the patent lawyer because the
patent holder is the lawyer, not the inventor in the vast majority of
cases. When EPO talk about inventions, hear it as patent. When the EPO
talk about inventors, hear it as patent lawyers.

Kill software patents - there is no justification.

All of the arguments for patents are debunked at:

Please read the copious information on the previous fight already on
the DCGLUG wiki before replying - join the killsoftwarepatents.com
mailing list and protect free software and open standards - don't let
open standards be corrupted by basing the "open" standard on software


Neil Williams

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