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Re: [LUG] How much RAM


Hi Neil,

On Tue, Feb 12, 2008 at 06:03:55PM +0000, Neil Winchurst wrote:
> > You might actually be worth having a look at http://www.Crucial.com/uk  
> > as if you have a pre-built branded system (for instance Dell, Packard  
> > Bell etc) you'll be able to match the model number and it will tell  
> > you EXACTLY what memory you need.  You can also select the motherboard  
> > manufacturer and model number to have a suggestion of what memory to  
> > choose.
> > 
> I have had a look at crucial web-site. I don't have Internet Explorer
> and my computer was built for me by the local computer shop. So no go. 

Huh?  The site works fine in firefox, I use it all the time.  And
"lshw" will probably tell you what motherboard you have, that's if
it isn't printed on the actual motherboard itself.


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