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[LUG] Simple server side mail filtering: Part Deux


Hi all,

I stumbled upon something that looks like it might be right up my
street, but I want to check that I have things sorted in my head before
I proceed (with caution) on this...

External mail retrieved for each user (err... me) with
GetMail, this dumps the messages straight into my Maildir.

Local mail is delivered via Exim... I'm not entirely sure how it
makes its way into my Maildir but it does. :D

Dovecot serves up my Maildir via IMAP.

So far so good?

I had no real success with ProcMail, but yesterday I stumbled across
"Sieve" - which is already part of Dovecot!  Here's what I think I
would need/want:

+ External mail retrieved with GetMail and sent to "dovecot_delivery".
+ Local mail handled by Exim and sent to "dovecot_delivery".
+ "Dovecot_delivery" (handled by Dovecot's "LDA") sends to "Sieve" which
filters/sorts messages and delivers to the appropriate Maildir 'folder'
depending on various criteria.

Am I on the right track here?


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