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Re: [LUG] HSBCnet and Firefox (Iceweasel)


More info:

Apparently the Banking system requires

· IE 5.5 ­ Recommended ­ only with Microsoft JVM 3805 or higher. Service
Pack 2 is recommended, but Service Packs 0 and 1 are supported

· IE 6.0 ­ Supported ­ Version 6.0 does not include a default JVM. If the
installation is an upgrade of previous versions the JVM is preserved.
Otherwise one can be downloaded from Sun Microsystems, or Microsoft as part
of IE 6 Service Pack 1. Note: The JVM cannot be downloaded on its own from

· Sun Java Plugins ­ 1.4.4_05 ­ Recommended

I have downloaded all the JVMs I can find in debian (sable, kaffe and using
the non-free sun 5 and 6 jre. Still no joy

The error message in the firefox console is

Error: document.all has no properties
Source File:
Line: 1

The only thing I can think of now is blowing away all java and starting
again with the pure sun download (not my ideal)

Any suggestions?

PS received the following from HSBC: "Unfortunately you won't be able to
access to HSBCNet using Linux our technical department just confirmed to
me that HSBCNet is not compatible with Linux." ....

Fri Jun  1 12:43:00 BST 2007

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