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Re: [LUG] Access Database


I once spent about five years working mostly on Microsoft Access
databases. All the companies I worked for were up north - Halifax and
Durham based - but I can certainly recommend them. Let me know off-list if
you need the contact details.

Otherwise you might be better off looking in the pages of "Computing" for
a specialist contractor.

Y'know, version 2 of OpenOffice (soon to be released) comes with a new
Access-like database application. Couple this with MySQL (as mentioned in
the other replies) and you're probably onto a winner.


Jeremy Pearson
ICT Technician
Five Islands School, St Marys, Isles of Scilly, TR21 0JY
Tel: 01720 422929 Fax: 01720 422969 Web: fisonline.org.uk

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