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Re: [LUG] OT: Verifying DMI Pool Data...


On Monday 23 May 2005 9:30 am, Grant Sewell wrote:
Just recently my main box displays this line for ages on booting.

Ah, now see - why keep booting it? Just buy a UPS and keep the thing running, 
it works better that way!

I used 
to find (rightly or wrongly) that it would do this if I had changed the IDE
devices around, or added PCI cards, etc, but it seems to be doing this for
a good 5-10 secs on each boot these days.

Check your jumper settings for cable-select settings on the hard drive(s) and 
change the hard drive cable. I've seen this with a damaged ribbon cable.

Should I be concerned about this,

Yes. If your hard drive is set to cable-select (a favourite trick of Dell and 
a few other manufacturers), the hard drive could simply disappear and you may 
not suspect a combined cable/jumper problem and blame the hard drive.


Neil Williams

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