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RE: [LUG] Win4Lin


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The main app works okay under dosbox but maxes out the cpu quite badly
the quest for a better alternative in the first place!).

It looks like i may be looking at multiple products to provide my needs
at the 


Quick google suggest that some dos4gw programs can be persuaded to run
under wine.

Using vmware myself under linux on suse with xp or 98 the sound and
networking woirs fine using nat translation on vmnet8 set to use the
hosts own network adapter and dhcp address.
If sound if configure ok on the linux box the vmware should be set to
use the host own sound server.

Mind you. Trying vmware on on windows I couldn't get the sound towork
with win98 but XP was ok. However I do have onboard sound and having
also a small dual boot Win98 partition for a very old program that
doesn't work under XP or WINE I had a hard time getting usb/sound &
networking up & running anyway.


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