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[LUG] Win4Lin


Okay, been doing a little follow up on my previous posts today having had the 
day off work...

Can anyone confirm whether or not an evaluation key is available for Win4Lin ? 
V5 i presume.

I haven't been able to see any option other than to buy it at $89 
(registration needed for installation according to the website). That's quite 
a bit to shell out when it's perfectly possible it may not meet my needs.

I've tried Bochs & QEmu and they pretty much fail miserably, maxing out my cpu 
in no time at all.

VMWare is great but sound, networking and usb isn't working in Win98SE, along 
with one of the main apps i'm trying to run (that needs to run with DOS4GW). 
WinXP works great (although still no sound) under VMWare, but my main app 
won't work under XP.

The main app works okay under dosbox but maxes out the cpu quite badly (hence 
the quest for a better alternative in the first place!).

It looks like i may be looking at multiple products to provide my needs at the 


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