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Re: [LUG] Creating a GNU/Linux environment from scratch


Definately use Linux From Scratch.
I finally managed to complete mine a couple months back (and it actually works!), but haven't got round to doing any more as I've got a new laptop (must start again almost [rolleyes]).
I think it's actually harder to do than you might first think- the book has all sorts of things that you would probably spend months or years working out how to fix. Unfortunately, unless you go out of your way to fix some broken things (like maybe... the whole of GCC or something (don't ask me)!?!?!!), internationalisation will not work properly (which could be very annoying for me- I speak Japanese, Spanish and Russian (to varying degrees))- whether it can still work in X I don't know yet.

Using LFS also makes it easier for others to help- they have a great IRC channel too.

Hope this is of some use

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