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Re: [LUG] D-link modem router problem


I noticed IPV6 creeping in under SUSE 9.3 too, but i have to say for me that 
so far it hasn't caused me an issue so i've just left it as it was when 
installed. I route through a DLink router too oddly enough, but that could 
easily be a red herring :)

On Wednesday 04 May 2005 22:36, John Daragon wrote:
Ben Goodger wrote:
Are you using AOL? If so, ensure that you:

- disable ipv6 (for some reason)

I'll second that (even if you're not using AOL).  Later distros, for
some reason that is *completely* beyond me, come with IPv6 enabled as
default. This causes grief that may appear either to be random or (as
you might have observed) that appears to follow a spurious pattern.

Insertion of "alias net-pf-10 off" into /etc/modprobe.conf may well fix


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